We are Allman Mechanical Services

We are small enough to appreciate our clients, experienced enough to accomodate our clients.


As we stated earlier no amount of maintenance will prevent all breakdowns, but rest assured we are so confident in our service that should your system fails your service and diagnostic charge will be discounted to only $65.00 during normal business hours and discounted to $95.00 after-hours and weekends. For up to 6 months after Seasonal Service is performed. As always you will receive discount on parts and labor.

Free Reminders

When your 6 month Agreement is about to expire. (about 30 days). You will automatically be contacted by phone, text or mail at no extra charge. To schedule your next Seasonal Service visit. One less thing to keep up with.


Will receive $5 off their bill (parts, labor, Seasonal Service Agreement (SSA) visit only). As our way of saying thanks. You should be proud of your service to your country, we are proud of you.


Members that are 50 plus years old will receive $5 off their bill (parts, labor, Seasonal Service Agreement (SSA) visits only). Be proud of your life’s accomplishments.